360g Traditional romanian desert

Traditional romanian desert contains: pre-boiled wheat flakes, sugar, peanuts, nutmeat, table salt and flavours. This product is in dry form, and to obtain COLIVA it is necessary to boil according to recommendation.

Usage advantages:

  • 1 kg of Traditional romanian desert it’s made in only 10 minutes of boiling;
  • it contains only natural ingredients;
  • reduces the preparation time in regards to classical way;
  • the ingredients are carefully selected and with constant quality;

Recommended recipe: 360g Traditional romanian desert; 0.75L of water

Put the water to heat up and cover it with a lid, and when it starts to boil add Traditional romanian desert.
Traditional romanian desert has to be boiled for 8 to 10 minutes to medium flame, periodically mixing. Traditional romanian desert it’s ready when it looks like a pudding. After it’s cooled down, it can be served properly or decorated, as wanted.