Cake mix, 10 kg sack

Cake mix is a powder product, with the following advantages:

  • very easy to prepare (all the ingredients mixed together);
  • may absorbe large quantities of fats;
  • the final product has high term of validity.


Recommended recipe:

Recipe with Oil: 1 kg of Cake Mix; 400 g of eggs; 400 ml of oil; 200 ml of water.

Recipe with Margarine: 1 kg of Cake Mix; 600 g of eggs; 500 g of margarine.


Working procedure: Add and mix the eggs, the water and the Cake Mix for 6 min at medium speed. Add the oil and mix 2 more min at low speed. The mixture is poured in baking pans (about ½ from pans capacity). Baking is set to 180 – 190°C, for 35 – 55 minutes, depending on the ovens type, weight and loading rate.