Choco Muffin, 795g bag


  • Easy to use, mixing doesn’t require much time;
  • Add only oil and water;
  • Chocolate taste and flavour;
  • Minimum effort for a high-quality product;
  • Provides constant quality of the final product.


 Recommended recipe:

Ingredients Quantity kg
Choco Muffin 0.795
Water 0.36
Sunflower oil 0.44

Working procedure: 

The water and Choco muffin Mix are blended at low speed, then mixed for about 30 sec at medium speed then back to low speed. Add the oil slowly, continue mixing until it is wholly blended, and in the end mix it for 1 min at medium speed (until it turns white). Pour into pan shapes and bake it (at 180 – 200 °C, for 12 – 15 min) in a ventilated oven, no steam.