Cozopak A + Vanilla, 10 kg sack

Cozopak A + Vanilla is a sweet doughs premix, used to produce: sponge-cakes, croissants, pies and other similar products.


  • doesn’t contain animal type ingredients;
  • corrects flour deficiencies (including wheat flour 650);
  • has a pleasant flavour of vanilla;
  • ensures easy-to-handle doughs, which don’t stick to the machines;
  • ensures allowance during growth;
  • the final product has wet and elastic core, with fine and even porosity;
  • provides freshness up to 21 days to the final product;
  • is versatile: can be used to obtain a variety of products (sponge-cake, croissants, pies, danish pastry).

Usage recommendation: 1 kg of Cozopak A + Vanilla for 10 kg of flour – to be added before mixing.

Packing:  10 kg sack.