Mix Vanilla Muffin, 10 kg sack

Mix Vanilla Muffin is a powder product, with the following advantages:

  • the mix can be used for products with fluffy dough such as: vanilla mini-cakes, madeleines and other simple cookies or filled with various creams;
  • contains egg powder which makes it easy-to-handle; (the mixture becomes fast-foaming);
  • the mix is very easy to use: only add water and oil;
  • the mixture tolerates fruits addition very good, chocolate pieces and other fillings;
  • good stability for cooling.


Recommended recipe: 1kg of Mix Vanilla Muffin, 0.45 L of water, 0.35 L of sunflower oil.

Working procedure: The water and Mix Vanilla Muffin is blended at low speed, mix up to 30 sec at medium speed then back to low speed. Add the oil slowly, continue mixing until it is wholly blended, and in the end mix it for 1 min at medium speed (until it turns white). The baking is set to 200 – 220°C, in a ventilated oven, no steam, for 25 – 30 min.