Premix Stabil Plus, 10kg sack

Premixul Stabil Plus from Pakmaya absorbs immediately the extra whey from fresh cheese, the filling becomes creamy and dense. It’s easy to work with, so you can get tarts and pies in various shapes. Whether you cook pies, tarts, cheese cake or Easter cheese cake, the cheese filling will remain creamy and strongly flavoured.

Premix Stable Plus is a powder product, with the following advantages:

  • is a neutral stabilizer for sweet ar salty cheese;
  • helps water retention from the product, ensuring a good texture and stability;
  • notable reduces cheese filling losses during baking, increases the effect with over 30%;
  • absorbs almost immediately the whey from fresh cheese, the filling becomes creamy and dense, becoming easy to work with (doesn’t pour from the dough during working nor baking);
  • hardens the cheese cream from cheese cake, Easter cheese cake type, etc.


Recommended recipe:

Cheese tart: 7.5 kg of cow fresh cheese, 0.6 kg of Premix Stabil Plus, 2.5 L of milk, 2.5 kg of eggs (50 eggs), 1.5 kg of sugar.

Pie filling: 1 kg of cow fresh cheese, 0.3 kg of Premix Stabil Plus, 0.4 kg of powder sugar.