Pakmaya story

Pakmaya story starts in Turkey, long time ago – in 1923. In that year, Mustafa Nevzat has founded a pharmaceutical laboratory wearing his name. The laboratory became one of the biggest drugs producer in Turkey, but also one of the oldest institutes in this field. The experience and knowledge in pharmaceutical area have inspired the development of a parallel business, commited to food production. Therefore, in 1973, in Izmir district from Turkey, it was born the first Pakmaya yeast factory.

Rompak SRL

Back to Pascani city, Rompak SRL is the newest factory from the group and also one of the newest in Europe. This was built to produce under Pakmaya’s license and became operational after an investment period which took 4 years after the company’s foundation. Rompak SRL also became in time one of the most important producers of professional ingredients for bakeries, pastries, confectioners and ingredients for home made use.

The products are result of tradition and experience of over 4 decades of Pakmaya Group, wheareat it adds the performant equipment and the producing processes which are continuously monitored and carefully managed.

Quality: our responsibility

We know that the Pakmaya ingredients are found in food eated by almost 15 million people. It’s a huge responsibility which engages us to pay special attention to nutritional safety measures and quality products. Certifications that Rompak received prove the fact that we provide good quality products and safe for consumers.

From detailed tests over raw materials, to monitor and control the production process, and final, to transportation – everything is carefully supervised and improved continuously.

In order to offer products adapted to the market and requirements, in 2003 we founded The Research and Development Center, where our engineers, chemists and biologysts team from food industry work to improve our products range. Therefore, today, we have in our portfolio over 100 products. Within this Center we also provide trainings with various themes, connected with our industrial clients’s pursuit or linked with the annual development schedule of our collaboration. The desire to accompany our clients in order to help them solve functional problems appeared within production process, provides them our laboratories and our specialists from this Center


Rompak family

We couldn’t offer such a large range of good quality products without our over 200 Rompak team members. We are a big family, which, united, it gives the company the strength to grow.

The environment

The concern over the environment is written in Rompak company’s and Pakmaya brand’s DNA. Future generations deserve a healthy future of which we are direct responsible. We make sure that our water refinement stations are adapted to technology requests and to the imposed conditions by Environment Agency.

For the concern over the environment also, the factory has its independent station of processing the organic solution result from production process of the yeast. So, from the natural biological process of the fermentation, we get fresh yeast, named mainly “green yeast”, and VINASA, an organic fertiliser recommended for eco farming.